CRM Automation

Customer Relationship Management Services – CRM

The cornerstone of DMA’s CRM system is relationship management. Sales, marketing, and customer support teams have instant access to the most recent prospect and customer data. Your email and calendar systems can be integrated with the contact management system to maintain track of the conversations, customer information, leads and prospect data, appointments, and tasks.

By utilizing the contact management features of CRM, users may exchange and manage client data in a centralized and secure database. Internal teams may communicate between sales, marketing, and customer care modules thanks to the CRM contact database. There is unlimited access to CRM contacts, information, reports, and workflow management.

Find out more about each aspect that relates to CRM Modules by reading on:

Managing Database

Every business detail of your clients and prospects is stored in account management. Customers are easily accessible in a single view across products, regions, and status for users. It is possible to name and customize an unlimited number of data fields. Workflow templates automate your operations by sending notifications, alerts, and reminders. By distributing and making available crucial data throughout your company, your business will improve the customer experience.

Managing and Collecting Database

Your prospect and customer contact information is kept in the Contact Management database. Contacts may be stored individually or classified in segments associated with company records as per B2B or B2C industries. Customer information may be swiftly created, or you can get contact lists using our import tool. To keep your CRM database organized and updated, our CRM system automatically checks duplicate data.

Managing Activities

Your appointments, tasks, and email exchanges are made and kept in Activity Management. It gives you a structured overview of all activities and a detailed history of all customer interactions. Activity Management makes sure that each staff with authorized access has access to the same data regarding a customer, enabling swift resolution of problems.

Managing Leads

CRM lead management tools let companies increase the number of qualified leads in their sales pipeline. Before distributing leads to the relevant sales professional, leads from multiple campaigns should be tracked and verified. Lead scoring and marketing offers must be inclined with a CRM system for building a workable prospect list. As a result, the leads and prospects would be preserved in a new database of contacts.